Exodus Youth

The purpose of the Exodus Youth ministry is to come alongside of parents in training our Youth to be mature followers of Christ and active members of Exodus Church- understanding what it means to be about the redeeming, renewing, and restoring of all things to Christ.

Exodus Youth serves kids 4th grade - 12th grade.  They meet twice a month throughout the summer and then monthly during the school year at host homes.  

We are not ashamed of asking our older youth to sit with their parents in service. We believe the scriptures teach that children were present amongst the assembly as they too were instructed from the letters of Paul (Eph. 6:1, Col. 3:20), and Jesus bids children come to Him while the adult disciples sought to push them away (Mark 10:13-16).

Application in our sermons are likewise geared both for the adult and child assembled together in the worship service. Jesus bids them come and we have no intention of sending them away.

Our desire is to establish the same rhythms in our youth that we hope to see from them when they enter adulthood.
i. Consistent church attendance
ii. Active membership at a local church
iii. Serving on Sunday Mornings
iv. Engaged in local and international missions
v. Weekly Community Groups
vi. Monthly Age/Gender specific Discipleship Groups

In keeping with our purpose for the ministry and so that our Youth can engage and glean the most from the service on a Sunday morning, we are studying topics such as: “The Art of Listening” - A Preachers Guide to Understanding  Sermons, “Rhythm & You” - A Liturgical Service - A Liturgical Life, “Water, Wine, & Bread” - The Why & What behind Baptism & the Lord’s Supper and The Bible Project, “Themes of the Bible”.

For more information about Exodus Youth, contact Zach Ritz