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The women of Exodus Church gather monthly for Prayer Table. These regular gatherings organize a community of biblically disciplined women who strive to be honest about struggles, receive encouragement and bring their burdens to the Lord.  Prayer Table is also a place where women are challenged to grow in their friendships, laugh, play, and most importantly come together before the throne of grace and pray with and for one another. 

The vision of Prayer Table is "discipling STRONG women adorned in faith and deeds," as described in Titus 2 and Proverbs 31. Women are called to speak {and listen} with wisdom, train younger women, be armed with knowledge of the Word and willing to use our gifts to help others. In our culture today, where worldly women are characterized by glorifying weaker and watered-down biblical womanhood, it is important we examine the role of a Biblical woman and strive to be that to our husbands, church and the world. 

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