Stories and Actors

GOD IS THE GREAT STORYTELLER. He spares no detail in the unfolding of his divine drama. He gives us the good, the bad, and the ugly.  The scriptures guide us from the chaos of creation before God spoke, to Abel's short-tempered, bloodthirsty, older brother. From the abuse and trauma dished out by Joseph’s older brothers to the trash talking, YHWH boasting, ruddy-faced future king of Israel. All the stories of the Bible are for our instruction, for our example. The preacher of Hebrews understands the power of story when in the middle of his sermon he takes us through the catacombs of history to tell us about the heroes of the faith.  

Each story contains actors, and each actor has a role to play; this is how stories work.  Our lives are micro-stories found within the arc of God’s grand narrative. And we are to see our lives as part of God’s story. Will we be characters who are courageous and fierce like queen Esther? Or will we be a milksop coward like Ahab? Will we be brave like Jael or will we be passive like Adam?  Will we worship like David or whine like Jonah? These stories have been passed down from generation to generation as examples for our children and us.  The question now is, who’s example will you follow? What sort of character will you be?