Kingdom Symphony

The kingdom of God is like a great symphony. The King rules his kingdom as a conductor his orchestra.  Musicians are to practice their craft always, yet the tune is never fully realized until each member of the orchestra joins together in symphony. We are called to practice; we are required to have the music work its way into our bones. We are to walk according to the rhythm of the song. As we play, the world around us will begin to hear the tune, and they'll be summoned to join. The great Conductor knows what he is doing. We may not know the next movement, yet we know that this symphony has been echoing in the ears of angels for over 2000 years. The crescendo is underway, the rondo is rolling, and the saints are being prepared for that great and final move when heaven and earth are remade in glory and all creation bows before the King. 


  • The conductor - Jesus
  • The orchestra - the church 
  • The instruments - sanctification 
  • The music - the Spirits work in the church
  • Sheet music - the Scripture / the Spirit 
  • The audience - the world