Celebrating our Launch Service


Wow. That was incredible! Thank you to all who came out for our launch service on the 22nd. We were blown away by what God did.

His presence alone was so evident it was difficult to hold back tears of joy on multiple occasions. Thanks to all our ministry team members for everything you did to make Sunday not only possible, but a joy.

Starting with a core team of about 40 adults, we set up 120 chairs in the sanctuary. (Mainly so that the guests we were expecting wouldn’t have to sit on top of each other.)

There were 60 people, comfortably seated, when service started. Then, after the first song, we realized waves of people kept coming in, and we had to add an additional 30 chairs. We counted 99 total adults in our building and 41 kids. But, most importantly, the gospel was proclaimed and Christ Jesus was exalted!

Pastor Kyle Lammott preached a sermon, explaining why the Exodus, is the greatest story every told, and how it is told even better in Jesus (Luke 9:31). So, if like us, your story needs “re-writing”, I encourage you to listen to this powerful message of redemption. Because His story, the greatest story, can also be your story.