Nursery:  Newborns through 2 year olds are provided a safe and fun environment to play together. Our teachers read and pray the Psalms over them every Sunday.

3's & 4's:  Children 3 and 4 years old learn the BIG idea of the Psalm each Sunday.  They learn this by playing games, making crafts, reading, singing and praying the Psalm.  At this age, we also introduce scripture memorization.  

Kindergarten-3rd grade:    While also learning the BIG idea through games, crafts, reading, singing and praying the Psalms, at this age, the teachers are able to go deeper and explore more of the meaning. It's exciting to see the kids learn how the Psalm points to Jesus and how it applies to our lives today. 

4th-5th grade:    As children mature we believe it is important for them to be incorporated in the Sunday morning worship service.  Every week we provide a fun worksheet for your child to complete, that helps him/her to listen and apply the sermon to his/her own life.  


We want to partner with you to teach your child the gospel.  Every week after the service, you will be provided a take-home sheet that explains what your child learned that morning, the BIG idea, the memory verse and more. Use this as a resource throughout the week to expound on what he/she learned on Sunday morning.

Singing the Psalms is another great way to teach our kids the word of God.  Our children are learning songs, written by our Kid's Team, that teach them different Psalms.  It's a joy to watch our children learn and sing the Psalms every week.